Father 420

by pandavibrations

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    habba doe! 10/10 IGn GAmeInformer Magazine, Greastest Hitz of all time, super susssssssususussususpensful music, Kidz Bop 12 Exclusive Hoodratshit Family FOr the Fun Duct To Fun CLub and special victims unit for the autistic and mentally handicapped and or hurt/broken/wanting love, for you, alll you can ever want in a pancake in sound, Jamillo, Where the Wild Things Are, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Backyard Ducks, optimistic microwavable meals, z-formation, I know how you feel bro, hate twos, I fell the ants in my lungs, help me my parents haven't fed me in four days, i woke up

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do it for Jesus


released April 23, 2014




all rights reserved


pandavibrations Columbus, Georgia

looking for milk, bamboo, farmers, artists, friends, family, anyone to collab, the music is yours not mine, with you iam me, and you are you, but with you, i have made us the infinite regimen the cosmic coincidence control the columbus creation council all in fine habba be not afraid of the scrotum cheese it is a conspiracy but be not afraid of the scrotum cheese oh and also have another bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: welcome to the party
welcome to the party
Track Name: roll
dont you want to know
cause i dont really know
it just happens instantly
its created constanstly

wise owl told me to go
he said grow under below
beneath the sea something grows
sand and stars taking control

roll into a ball
it could be large or small
but either way its a star
so always shine where you are

always shine where you are
Track Name: Kirby? Yes you May Eat Me

Hello? Kirby?

How could you do this to me?
dont be scared
gas and things oh your so pink and fluffy
yes eat me
how could you let me touch you
so good to see you tonight
you can eat me and have my powers
Oh Kirby Please, Kirby Please
Track Name: milky (animal collective version)
milky (not the bob dylan version, anma coleb)

milky teets cum in my sheets
you came in the morning on my bed
in my room it got so messy
i had to find a broom
waiting till the moon
still trying to make this tune

then drinking milk from your breasts oh its the best
i cant remember the rest
whatever happened to your chests
all the cows that i usually drink from usually go away for vacation
for new sensations like american masturbation

i never felt wrinkles and skin
like my own delicious sin
only words kept together with resin and honey
from bees your on your knees youre drinking
milk from me

milky tits cum in my shit
milky teets and delicious treats

i never felt old until we knew the house was sold
no stories untold and running in circles
and running in circles
and licking all the nipples

grandmas dry grandpas dry
moma is wet again
and babies coming out again

and all the people
Track Name: mary jane
they all know her by name
but i know her shes untamed
oh sweet darling mary jane
you're the sweetest thang its a shame

you're the sweetest thhhhhaaaaaaannnnngg

i'll hold her
then i'll smoke her

so they say its just a game
well man whos to blame
oh sweet darling mary jane

you make me go insane

she dun it
Track Name: do it
i know you don't want to do it, but you gotta do it "someday"

just do your homework just write it
think of it will sound
ohh well uh

i know you dont wana do it, but you gotta do it "someday"

just think up anything that you want

i know you dont wana do it, but you gotta do it "someday"
Track Name: child, be not afraid
child come to me

child of the land as i speak to you i say
come forth take all that you are
be not afraid
be not afraid of the scrotal cheese
it is a conspiracy
but remember where
i slather thine upon the nipples of truth
thou shall not suckle on the teets of lies
and i say then you shall be saved
but remember where you came from
it is all a mystery as you find

i say seek forth the truth
take all that you can in a pancake
you are tuna girl
Track Name: iam not here
iam not here so leave a message