Goat Stories

by pandavibrations

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    Habba Doe! We Back and we back and we back and we back and we back! Better than we was the last time baby! bringing you more sussed filled raunchy good ole' goat hallucination inducing music, we are back from World War 2 to talk about the Great War among many other things, that are relating to but not limited to goats, Grandpa, cheetos, doritos, the government, capital state of affairs, lunar activity, butterflies, random rendezvous, walks downtown among many other romantic evenings of forced premeditated ear canal mutilation to the 4th degree. NOT TO BECONFUSED WITH "GHOST STORIES" this album has nothing to do with Ghosts under the extra terrestrial form of psychic being. look behind you, he's watching, The Goat God, Pan. All you can ever want in this album, of smooth 2chord guitar instrumentals, and deep angus filled soft and cool talks, featuring yours truly, The King of Ratz XOXOXO kisses' ... more

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you didn't think i would do it, but your wrong, i done it


released June 18, 2014

all music by Gherrod Diolosa AKA pandavibrations
album art by Greta Hobbs



all rights reserved


pandavibrations Columbus, Georgia

looking for milk, bamboo, farmers, artists, friends, family, anyone to collab, the music is yours not mine, with you iam me, and you are you, but with you, i have made us the infinite regimen the cosmic coincidence control the columbus creation council all in fine habba be not afraid of the scrotum cheese it is a conspiracy but be not afraid of the scrotum cheese oh and also have another bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: World War 2
World War Two

i come back from the razzmataz
sparkle pony
enoughed required substances neefef
for the carpet
teeth clicked pine and scent of
good envy

reindeer like rain so its all the same
when you want

brownie emulsificator celluar satire a
can of soap cup i biscuits cotrus
sussed out spicy

that marijuana is laced

stay away from the cheetos
stay away from the doritos
stay away from the sinners
drink more soda

bulgogi is good
Track Name: Make Me Happy (Dead)
Girls can't make me happy
So I have to stop being so sappy
This water tastes crappy
I'll take another nappy

I can't make myself happy or try to be something i'am not i don't know everything but i can still tie a knot

Guess i'll go to sleep and do this all again i'am feeling so cheap like hair with split ends

I Took a bath in coconuts I feel so soft and delicate but the splinters in toilet paper when you wipe your ass after you sign the waiver is guaranteed to give you something rough bleeding blunts and open cuts

Shit just got real when i tried to cup a feel I played with my tongue but I still have nothing, none, no substance no money no honey for my tummy I should learn to be happy without drugs or girls or candy but it's all fine and danady when I see the hundreds Grandma hands me scraping at my gerber checks and shitting in my nest another dead