lil pup (single)

by pandavibrations

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    if you been wonderin' what dis lil pup is up to, he been doin his thang, keepin it tame, no shame, it no thang but a G thang, ya hear dangalang, the pup be free, download, listen to on repeat to you hear dat new "doe" legacy chronicles, underground 5-6 week dank music brewing, aint nuttin to it but to do it, support your local pup and all animals, we are equal are one, lil pup, diledoe sup

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Tera Melos - Bite


released August 19, 2014

Courage - lil pup



all rights reserved


pandavibrations Columbus, Georgia

looking for milk, bamboo, farmers, artists, friends, family, anyone to collab, the music is yours not mine, with you iam me, and you are you, but with you, i have made us the infinite regimen the cosmic coincidence control the columbus creation council all in fine habba be not afraid of the scrotum cheese it is a conspiracy but be not afraid of the scrotum cheese oh and also have another bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: lil pup
woof woof

Hey what's up lil pup
whatchu yu comin up wid
Wanna take a hit gotta spit
Rollin down the street to get some more at the trap then
make a rap bout the thing in existence going to get this
don't miss this it's resilience
RIP Death Grips

i gotta feel this when the people want some sick shit go find another wishlist this is x'ed out and acid on the clock
get some more hamhocks

you wana get picked up?
you wana get fucked up?
you wana bust a nut
well grow up ya lil pup

this pup was cool and he showed up and i gave him some food he was a stray and bit on his ear he cowered in fear when Sebastian hiss with a sharp kitty sneer

gimme dat purple dat sugar dat water boil it up make it hotter then slip on a banana make something up have another thought and ponder

you wana get noticed?
you want to just be heard
lil pup be cool and dont slur your words

imma get it iam guna hit it and quit it and dont touch it or bump it if aint something you really want then say "fuck it" and get it round the next time go jump it go
habba doe

how did you know? you wana take it slow you wana take it fast see how long this relationship will last iam already in a cast iam handicapped and crab mad ab libbed

at least i dont tip the boat i rock it and stop it when i want it and bust out the beats and cum in my sheets a secret sonata the only high 2 balla eva understand they shake their head and said hes going mad

so lil pup when you grow up you betta get notcied you better show them this that you a G a Doggy Doggy Snoop D-oh-Double G and dont forget to tell em its free

you better grow up lil pup yea lil pup diledoe sup

yousa a lil pup now strut yo stuff