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These recordings have been flying around for awhile. After receiving the files from my producer, i was told to not release the album, "Birds" after receiving a cease and desist from the band ,"Death Grips" regarding a creative dispute on the name, "Birds" in particular to their song from, "Governmental Plates" entitled, "Birds". "Birds" was then not released on my bandcamp but put on hold until the dispute was settled later earlier in this year of 2015. In June, 2014 Death Grips broke up after releasing the album, "Niggas on The Moon" to which i responded with my tribute album, "Triumph Panda's Last Album Rip Death Grips" later that year in November of 2014. Death Grips and company were devastated following the extreme depths of depression and chronic mania that resulted in the break up, and could not fully comprehend my tribute album. Many people ordered hotdogs and committed suicide in response to the terrible death of music's two greatest noise/rap/psychedelica/experimental/freeformjazz artists, there was simply not enough paranoided potatoes to go around. Websters Dictionary to accommodate the ignorance of the new wave of hipsters spawning from the internet, followed suit by adding "noided" and "habba" to the dictionary. Reception was received very well except for the latter. Many more people could not comprehend their living agenda after realizing they had "Habba" in their house without realizing it. A few people ended up getting rid of all their albums relating to "Habba" and "Habba Doe" and donating their depressive hate filled angst-induced wax to Goodwill. The elderly then out of a act of kindness were starting to play the pandavibrations music in churches and soup kitchens. Communities started coming together and forming alliances, racism was starting to become scarce in the streets. People turned off their radios, they started to listen to the birds. After 2 long years of legal battling, Death Grips dropped all charges in regards to the creative dispute and allowed me full ownership of "Birds" This work of art and it's influence is not associated/nor affiliated with Death Grips and Company whatsoever.


released July 21, 2015



all rights reserved


pandavibrations Columbus, Georgia

looking for milk, bamboo, farmers, artists, friends, family, anyone to collab, the music is yours not mine, with you iam me, and you are you, but with you, i have made us the infinite regimen the cosmic coincidence control the columbus creation council all in fine habba be not afraid of the scrotum cheese it is a conspiracy but be not afraid of the scrotum cheese oh and also have another bandcamp ... more

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