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    up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves up my sleeves
    the greatest Death Grips/Animal Collective/Tera Melos cover band is Back! HABBA DOE! Bringing you more sus and melodies than "Ghost Stories" and way more raunchy ride-ems than "Goat Stories" we are back with the brand sloppy new copy of "HABBA" All Hail HABBA!

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All You See is Habba. All You Know is Habba. Everything you do, see, smell, eat, breathe, drink, fuck, live, poop, feel, everything is Habba. Don't deny the great powers. Don't fear. Be Not Afraid of the Scrotal Cheese, IT IS A CONSPIRACY, but, be not afraid. all is Habba, all is cheese


released June 18, 2014

Head Chef - pandavibrations/you know who
cocks - Sus Overlord - Professor Goof



all rights reserved


pandavibrations Columbus, Georgia

looking for milk, bamboo, farmers, artists, friends, family, anyone to collab, the music is yours not mine, with you iam me, and you are you, but with you, i have made us the infinite regimen the cosmic coincidence control the columbus creation council all in fine habba be not afraid of the scrotum cheese it is a conspiracy but be not afraid of the scrotum cheese oh and also have another bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: Gaijin Era (QueefStar)
In 2057 A.d., Martin Kushinez invented a portable device to send concentrated radioactive waves through a portalable device. The device was invented as a weapon to be used by the American government as a new form of weaponry to replaced all forms of weapons requiring the need to fire bullets to perform the tasks. The device was originally a non-fatal weapon to stop any opposing threat.In 2061, the device was being secretly redisgned to peform both nonfatal and fatal take-downs. In 2062, the device successfullypassed all military tests to be used as a weapon. All soldiers were equiped with the weapon instead of a normal gun. The new weapon was called " The Microwave ". The weapon blueprints were used to created many weapons of both long-range and short-range that was both effective against ground units and vehichles. American government was noted as a universal threat to any foreign government that commited an act against the morality of the United nations. The weapon was still being tested by only the most promising of American soldiers.
In 2064, all weaponry of the American government was replaced with similar technology of the radiation gun. In 2065, Kushginez commited suicide with a note which specifically specificed on why he took his own life. The note spoke of how Kushinez should not have created such a device for the American government and how it would, in the wrong hands, be a tool for absolute govermental control of the entire world due to how it was easy to produce, cost effective, and within the hands of the American military. In 2073, Russia, Japan, China, and all countires of the middle east form an alliance together. The group was called War of Peace (WP) and was said to be form to fight against the American nation. An interview with the current Russian president and leader of the alliance stated that the United States with their new weaponry were too powerful for modern time and would use their weapons for global control and force their policies upon all nations through. In 2075, South America planned to join the WP group. However, after hearing word through spying, America invading all South America. In 2076, all countries of South America were under control by the American government. Brazil was turned into a giant country used to train soldiers. In 2079, the Canada's government system disbanded in fear of the American government. All citizens of Canada and any nation near Canada fleed to European countries. In 2080, Canada was invaded and turned into an American country. Any citizen who did not already escaped to Canada were immediately executed. American citizens protested throughout the country. However, each protest was dealt with by violent actions from riot police. Thousands of American citizens died. In 2081, the WP declared full-on war on the United States. The war lasted between 2081 to 2086.
In 2087, a special organization emmerged into light of the public of all nations and stated to have been existent since 1992. This new organization was called "Shield" and proclaimed to be more powerful than every nation's government combined. Between the years of 2090 to 2092, Shield had disabled all radioactive weaponry of the United States in secrecy. The government, unaware of how, was unable to stop their disarment. In 2093, Shield disbanded the WP by assasinated all major leaders of countries involved with WP. The war ended. In 2094, Shield released their final message televised to the war before disbanding to never be heard from again. The United States funded all of its military spending into radioactive weaponry. With all of their weapons poor, their economy was hit strongly and their political system slowly weakened. Many American citizens fled to eastern countries. Some European but mostly Asian countries. The United States with lack of funding and people was easily taken down by the Eastern nations. By 2098, all American territory was now either owned by the Chinese, Japanese, or Russians. Americans paid no mind but revolted against their governmental policies. In 2101, resources in oil and other productions of energy production began to dwindle. This began to weaken government. In 2103, citizens of the Eastern nations began mass protests against their nations demanding immediate government reform. With lack of resources and power, the nations had no choice but to buckle under the influence of the demands of their massive populations. In 2104, citizens took over the countries of Japan, China, and Russia and fused the countries politically into one giant nation. This new government system ran strictly by the needs of the people and, very quickly, proved to run a nation efficiently. This new nation now titled "Birthosus" was now the leader of the global political system. In 2108, the United Nations could not countrol the power of Birthosus due to most of their members leaving to join the new nation. The United Nations, in lack of power, funds, and resources, had no other choice but to disband.
In 2112, Birthosus began a march against all nations to form one giant government. Their plan was to form all nations and populations together. Doing this, the new government thought this would eliminate all forms of war if the whole world ran under one government. In 2122, all nations were forced to join Birthosus. The new nation ran the world smoothly and was able to mass-produce and allocate resources efficiently to keep all citizens happy. By 2136, the resources of the globe began to dwindle. Birthosus no longer had the ability to evenly distribute its resources. In compensate, all poor citizens were annexed to Western lands while richer citizens stayed in Eastern territory. In 2137, Birthosus collected all guns of any firing mechanism and had them smelted for other purposes. Guns were now a contraband. The only form of weaponry allowed to be used by both citizens and military had to be close-ranged and of melee combat. This started the age of popularizing both swords and other forms of melee weaponry.
In 2145, a large divide began over the nation of Birthosus as citizens began to highly disagree by how different classes of the economy were treated. Thus, the classes intermingled and ignored annexing of Eastern and Western nations. By 2148, Birthosus split into two nations. The Western nation known as the Congregation formed on the Western nations while the Eastern nations called themselves "From Birth". Most of the Western nations were split into the majority of Caucasian to fully Asian population while the Eastern nations were mostly African and Asian. The Western nations, The Congregation, began the first declariation of war. This began the the time known as the Gajiun Era. The beginning of where the Queef Star story begins here in 2152.